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Miscisco Camps will Motivate Kids
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Motivation the Key

Kids plus summer usually adds up to sports camps. But this year Dan Miscisco and partner Dr. Bernie Krynowsky have come up with a new equation. The two North Shore residents are introducing an option to Miscisco's All-Star Sports Camps called Future Success Enrichment Camps. These weekly camps are designed to motivate children and build their confidence by teaching them what Krynowsky, co-director of the program, calls "life skills." A lecturer at UBC's education faculty with experience teaching both primary and secondary school students, Krynowsky wants to further the personal growth of children, a focus which he says is not taught in schools. "Both Dan Miscisco and I have been involved in education for many years. I admire teachers for the good jobs they do but they don't have the time or mandate to develop skills kids need for success and happiness in our society," Krynowsky says. Miscisco  has also been a lifelong enthusiast for education. A teacher at Norgate school in North Vancouver, Miscisco started his first sports camp in 1969 after a career as a professional minor league baseball player. Since then more than 20,000 kids have been to his basketball and volleyball camps. But Miscisco is not one to rest on his laurels. The future success program will present kids with such concepts as goal setting, time management, manners, confidence building, and leadership and communication skills. Targeting kids from grades 5 to 12, the program will have three levels - elementary, junior high and senior high - and is offered in North Vancouver. The students spend 3 1/2 hours each day from Monday to Friday at the camp. Also new this year to Summer Excitement '90 is the Pee Wee plus Sports Camps for boys and girls from grades 2 through 4. The camp will focus on ball handling and motor skills, practice habits and sportsmanship. Sponsored by the North Shore News, the registration for the Future Success Enrichment Program and the sports camps costs $70 before June 30 and $75 after. A special family rate is also available. For more information call Miscisco.